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St. Vincent de Paul’s Veteran's Services Program aids veterans and their families during their time of need, as well as helps with any concerns regarding educational benefits and entitlements


veterans received services in 2020


veterans received services in 2020

veterans served a month


veterans served a month

"St Vincent de Paul veteran's program has, does and will continue to serve this Honorable population to the best of our abilities! A Vietnam era Marine Corp veteran who at the young age of 59 went back to school and completed three degrees in rapid succession after a recession imposed career change. My academic degrees, a willingness to serve others and my obligation to make the world a better place will continue to place me in position to access resources beyond my personal limitations. To give a "hand up" to those who will receive it and be patient enough for those who need more time are the skills needed when working with others. I love my job at St Vincent de Paul because there is no shortage of opportunity to be of service to others." - Bob Daugherty If you are in need of help please contact Social Services at 208-664-3095 ext. 308. or email


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Bob talks about his time in the service and transition into civilian life