Department: Stores | Pay: Pay DOE | Location: CDA

Job Summary:  When the donations come in, help people get the items from their vehicles and assist them with a donation slip.  When the donations are in, sort the items and put the items where they go to be priced.  Help load and unload all incoming and out going donations.  When at the dump, collect donations and stack them on the truck.  If Someone needs a donation slip, make sure they receive one.  When you get back to the Store, make sure to unload the truck and put items where they go.
Duties include but are not limited to:
  1. Assist customers with their donations
  2. Make sure they get a donation slip, if needed
  3. Quick sort through the donations and put them where they go to be sorted
  4. Assist with all loading and unloading of donations
  5. Help out with furniture room breaks
  6. Keep the work area clean and safe of all debris
  7. Keep the back yard clean and organized
  8. Keep the loading dock clean
  9. Keep the bailer shed clean and organized
  10. Keep the trucks clean and the fluids checked
  11. Keep the carts picked up
  12. Help pick up the boxes in the sorting room
  13. Dump the garbage from the sorting room
  14. Keep the garbage cans empty and the ashtrays clean
  15. Help out with changeover every 6 months
Other Related Activities:
  1. Will be asked to do other duties that will progress the cause of St. Vincent de Paul
Material and Equipment Used:  
The box trucks and the garbage truck will be used daily.  The bailer will be used when we are short handed
Physical Activities/Mental Demands:
Climbing, stooping, kneeling, reaching, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasping, talking, hearing, repetitive motions, Heavy work(exerting up to 50 lbs. + of force), reading detailed work confidently, problem solving, language, stress, training, math, reasoning, verbal communications, written communication, customer contact ,multiple concurrent tasks and interruptions.
Working Conditions:
Not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions.
Minimum Qualifications:
Must have a valid drivers license
Must be able to lift over 50 lbs. +
Must be able to bend and lift with out a problem
Must be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time
Must be able to work independently
Must be a team player