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Our Board

St. Vincent de Paul North Idaho Board of Directors is composed of community members who volunteer their time, labor, wisdom and expertise. Hailing from various backgrounds, our Board members also draw upon their passions and chair committees which consist of Finance, Housing, Retail Store and Social Services. Photos by Jerome Pollos Photography

  • Mike McDowell

    Mike McDowell


  • John Bruning

    John Bruning

    Vice President & Housing Chair

  • Steven Flerchinger

    Steven Flerchinger


  • Linda Mitchell

    Linda Mitchell

    Secretary & Housing Committee

  • Les Atchley

    Les Atchley


  • Shelly Enderud

    Shelly Enderud

    Member & Finance Committee

  • Deacon Andy Finney

    Deacon Andy Finney

    Associate Member & Spiritual Advisor

  • Christine Fritz

    Christine Fritz


  • Dave Hagar

    Dave Hagar


  • Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy

    Immediate Past President

  • Pat Lenz

    Pat Lenz

    Member & Housing Committee

  • Alex Litz

    Alex Litz

    Member & Retail Stores Chair

  • Robert Valencia

    Robert Valencia

    Member & Social Services Chair

Our leadership

"It’s not about whether you have a title that implies leadership. It’s about how you take advantage of every opportunity to help everybody who’s around you to be their best selves going forward. This personifies our leadership team – Giving individuals who put clients, courage, character and ethics above everything else.” – Larry Riley Photos by Jerome Pollos Photography

  • Larry Riley

    Larry Riley

    Executive Director

  • Aly Edwards

    Aly Edwards

    Social Services Director

  • Holly Knapp

    Holly Knapp

    Finance Director

  • Tiffany Lemm

    Tiffany Lemm

    Store Director

  • Kelli Lunceford

    Kelli Lunceford

    Housing Director

  • Katie Simmons

    Katie Simmons

    ICARE Director

  • Donna Brundage

    Donna Brundage

    Grants Development Specialist & Community Outreach Advocate

  • Becca Stinson

    Becca Stinson

    Emergency Shelter Manager & HPRR

  • Janet Brock

    Janet Brock

    Administrative Support Specialist